Career, life & change coaching

"Having a sense of purpose is having a sense of self"
Bryant H. McGill

How can coaching help me?

Coaching gives you the support to work out what options you have when you are facing challenging situations, to understand what you need in your life right now, and helps you to find the right solutions for you. Working with a coach can help you to understand yourself and others more, supporting you through personal growth and transformation, giving you a clearer sense of purpose in your life. Perhaps you are feeling anxious about the future, or feeling overwhelmed and stressed with your current situation. Or maybe you're looking to take the next step in your career, or want to change careers altogether. Or perhaps you don't even know that yet, and are just feeling stuck in a rut and unsure where to go from there. Coaching is also a great way to help you discover more about what drives and motivates you, and is often a transformative and energising experience, as you start to understand yourself better and your interactions with others.

What's the difference between life coaching, career & change coaching?

The basic approach to coaching is the same, whatever it is that you're going through in your life that you would like to work through. Coaching is about helping you to find the answers for yourself, to uncover the strength within you and work out what resources you can call on when you need them. It's often difficult to separate your career from the rest of your life when you are facing challenges or going through change - one often has an impact on the other, and affects your overall wellbeing, so I try to help my clients to explore the whole picture, and understand where one situation could be affecting another, and perhaps blocking them from making the changes they would like.

How does online coaching work?

Online coaching is not so different from traditional coaching! I'm a real live coach, not virtual, just remote. Instead of meeting in the same room, we talk to each other via video conference, still face-to-face and live, in real time. I think that's important, so that I can see your body language and facial expressions, as that often helps to add colour to what you are saying to me. It also helps us to build a connection, if we can see each other. In between our scheduled online sessions, you'll have time to reflect on what we've talked about, and perhaps try out some of the new techniques. I'm also happy to offer support by email or Whatsapp.