Meet Belinda Raitt, online life and career change coach

"The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away."
Pablo Picasso

Hello I’m Belinda. I'm a firm believer in shaping your own life, ikigai, the healing power of nature, yoga, eating your greens, and being green. I have a Masters degree in Psychology from the University of Edinburgh. I am also a Yoga Alliance certified Hatha and Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher and I have my own coaching and business consultancy About Talent Ltd, which supports people through difficult transitions in their life, work and businesses by focusing on their strengths. I have been practising as a coach helping people through life and career changes for the last ten years. During that time I began to realise that a common theme among my clients was that they felt a bit lost, or no longer knew who they were or what made them happy. My coaching became about helping them to find balance, to rediscover their ikigai, their purpose in life.

I've also been through my own difficult patches which led me to make big changes in my life. I started working for myself when I was made redundant from a corporate career in London, where I worked as a headhunter, helping to build and develop management teams across FTSE businesses. Before that I worked with my ex husband - yes, I've been through a divorce too - and I've also started up and quietly parked a couple of other business ventures too that didn't work out. So I know a thing or two about people, starting again, life choices, going through change, making mistakes, learning from them, keeping yourself going, and motivation.

In 2018, I moved out to Portugal, bought an olive farm and set up a nature therapy and relaxation retreat centre, Relaxscape, a place for people to retreat to nature and rediscover themselves. It's helped me to fully appreciate the internal healing powers of yoga and nature. As a coach, my aim is to help my clients find a more holistic approach to their change journey. Yoga, being in nature and meditation to me is about wellbeing and I've found it to be of huge benefit to my mental and physical health. Combined with coaching, it's a great way to help you to find inner stillness during times of change and stress. With only a couple of years till I'm 50, I'm living proof that it's never too late to change and make the most of your life!

I've been there too

I've been through quite a few life changes of my own, so I can relate to how you're feeling, the unsettled feelings, the uncertainty of what the future might hold, money worries, stress, feeling alone and that you don't know where to turn. I've been through redundancy, divorce, relocation in the UK and abroad, career changes, starting - and not succeeding at! - some new business ventures, setting up a new life in a foreign country, learning new skills and finding a new me in my 40s. I never imagined I would become an olive farmer or a yoga teacher at the age of 48! Right now, as we all are, living through the realities of Covid-19, I am facing yet another business challenge and uncertainty, as tourism and travel restrictions have severely impacted the retreat industry.

Finding purpose

All those life events I've been through, all that change has contributed to my own personal growth and transformation. It's made me stronger, and taught me about myself, life, other people, and what I need and want out of life. It's helped me to find my purpose. And that purpose is supporting people like you through the unsettling changes in your own life, to share my experience to help guide you through your own transformation.

The short version:

  • International Coach Federation trained personal, career and change coach
  • MA (Hons) Psychology from The University of Edinburgh
  • Diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Yoga Alliance Certified yoga teacher
  • Relaxation retreat owner
  • Sustainability supporter
  • Nature therapist
  • Positive thinker
  • Forest bather
  • Olive farmer